Leadership Coaching—Legal services

Issue: A senior staff member in a small firm wanted a style of coaching that went beyond focusing on goals. Ideally they wanted some time with someone that was enjoyable, challenged their preconceptions and led to real personal development that improved different aspects of their lives: at work and generally. At the same time, they needed to be appreciated for their hard work and were against ‘wasting time’.

Approach: Working in a very tailored way I crafted a coaching plan for the member of senior staff. Using a combination of work focused discussion and life activities (including physical challenges and adventures) I enabled the coachee to become more self-aware, confident and resilient. As a critical friend, I supported them to take new approaches, for example to trust others to deliver to high standards. The client understood the value of taking time to reflect, rather than seeing this as a liability.

Outcome: The coachee reported a transformative effect on their work and outlook. Having learned practical skills to deal with times when they had previously felt isolated and not in control, they felt they were more genuinely ‘a good manager’. The firm incorporated some aspects of the coaching into the way that the company operated, for example personalised challenges.