Culture/Branding—Leisure industry

Issue: A heritage-focused national organisation faced accusations of being ‘old-fashioned’ and not relevant to a wide and diverse market. As a result it was missing out on revenue and patronage: a situation that could only get worse over time.

An assessment showed an organisation-wide need to modernise. Embedded research gave me an insight into a staff team of highly skilled, committed people who were in denial of the need to move forward and some in the leadership team seeing the issue as not important.

Solution: I coordinated an extensive programme of work throughout the organisation, approaching from different perspectives. The leadership team participated in strategic planning sessions and partnered with successful similar organisations internationally. The service offer was re-curated to appeal to a diverse audience and a major re-branding initiative undertaken. Relevance and the business-case became a key performance indicator. The structure of the body itself was refreshed to underline the importance of the cultural shift.

Outcome: From being ‘stuck in the past’ the organisation rose to the challenge of shifting its culture. By rolling out changed in a phased way people were prepared for change and actively welcomed new perspectives and responsibilities. Ongoing support made the new identity sustainable.