Workplace wellbeing—Financial services

Issue: A local financial services firm approached me wishing to reinvigorate its workforce. The firm’s director was conscious of the health impact of the sedentary and fairly stressful work of staff. The ‘mood’ in the office had become negative, with an unwillingness to ‘go the extra mile’, colleagues blaming each other for mistakes and generally poor teamwork.

Approach: Initially interested in an awayday to refresh staff, it was decided that a longer-term, sustainable approach would be more meaningful and result in greater returns in terms of staff performance and cultural change. Starting with an assessment and away-day, I then introduced the team to several key wellbeing improvements including physical exercise, mental health and improving work dynamics and routines. This was followed by embedding the improvements into the business on an ongoing basis. Key people took on an ambassador role and enthusiastically kept the programme going.

Impact: Qualitative research showed the high appreciation for the programme. People throughout the company felt invigorated, valued and able to perform better. This was backed up by improved performance figures, less absence and better interpersonal dynamics.