At Walking Pace

Walking is a terrific all-round life-improvement tool! As an expert on the benefits of walking, I practice what I preach and make walking an integral part of coaching.

My sessions include exploring new areas and discovering new adventures in your own back yard, all the time discovering more about yourself and enjoying mini-adventures.

I research and promote the value of walking. Visit my other website ‘At Walking Pace’ to find out more! The At Walking Pace book is a great place to start if you want to find out more about the benefits of walking.

At Walking Pace brings you ideas and opinions about living better by incorporating walking, Lo-Fi (simpler) living and discovering new perspectives.

At Walking Pace


At Walking Pace explains why walking is the unsung hero of our times. It helps readers to gain or regain an understanding of the practical benefits of walking to wellbeing, enjoyment, thinking and resilience.

Exploring the evolutionary and historical importance of walking, this book uncovers how the principles that motivated people to walk in the past are even more relevant in the 21st century. Walking can help you get fitter, feel better and work smarter during these uncertain and hectic times. Life really is better ‘at walking pace’.

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