Nyla Naseer

I’m always itching to write about what I observe: the stories that emerge from the soup of change and the need to understand how contradictions and events influence us. I reach out to people through both non-fiction and fiction.

I’m on a mission to crush stereotypes, improve understanding and generate debate. I approach life, and my writing, empathising with many groups of people without judgement. 

I often present the ‘unconsidered’ or ‘alternative’ perspective on an issue or in a debate, even if this is not the trendy view. Virtue signalling and the like is not for me.

My works of fiction are mainly about the adventures of contemporary outsiders; however I’m now focusing on writing that gives people the insight and tools to live well. In addition, I write and comment about the reality of living and working in the 21st Century, using my experience of working from the frontline to the boardroom.

I’m Asian, middle-aged and a total outdoors freak. 

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Recent Books


At Walking Pace

At Walking Pace explains why walking is the unsung hero of our times. It helps readers to gain or regain an understanding of the practical benefits of walking to wellbeing, enjoyment, thinking and resilience.

Exploring the evolutionary and historical importance of walking, this book uncovers how the principles that motivated people to walk in the past are even more relevant in the 21st century. Walking can help you get fitter, feel better and work smarter during these uncertain and hectic times. Life really is better ‘at walking pace’.

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Digital Downsize

Alongside the tremendous opportunities that digital technology brings, concerns are growing about problems ranging from cyber-crime to behavioural programming, addiction and isolation. Digital Downsize is a wide-ranging introduction to some of these issues. Looking particularly at the impact of social media and other digital communications, it examines topics including:

•How psychology and behaviour is modified by digi-tech
•The impact on relationships, skills and social resilience
•Living and working in an 'always-on' environment

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Previous Books

Past work has included both fiction and non-fiction.

Nyla Naseer

About Me


My early life allowed me to experience the harshness that character grows from. Being the child of a single disabled mother; of Asian origin but culturally ambivalent, gave me a unique identity.

Later, academic qualifications partially opened heavy doors, which slammed shut if pushed from the other side. I began my lifelong interest in people and our ways of life, building a repertoire of knowledge for my writing and work on resilience, wellbeing and behaviour in general. 

I now embrace my identity as a creative thinker, writer and and enabler. The outdoors, and walking in particular has been central to my life and is a thread through my research and writing.