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So What Do I Know? is a podcast independently produced and presented by Nyla Naseer. It is an observational, conversational, occasionally  slightly satirical podcast covering work and our changing lives  outside it. It  compares reality with cliches whilst sometimes drifting into how psychology, economics and technology shape our world.

SWDIK features conversations with Nyla’s eclectic group of acquaintances including walkers, professionals, hustlers, academics, creatives and executives.

A little bit curious, a little bit clever, always revealing. Challenge your stereotypes and tune in!

Latest Podcast

No gain without pain? Starting a podcast…

Are you interested in how work is changing? What about people’s activities, beliefs or secret passions? This is the place to separate facts from fiction.

What is it like being a writer, lawyer or nurse? What about being pagan or having aspergers? What is it like being an activist or the victim of a scam? Is working from home the secret to happiness?

What about the bigger picture; what is happening with the economy, society and  wellbeing?

Listen in as I find out about stuff that I’ve always wanted to know – and some things that may have changed my life if I’d known earlier! All views are welcome – I’m a free-speech advocate.

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Tune in to hear Nyla and guests talk about work and the other stuff that they know about. The podcast is updated regularly.

Updated weekly
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Remote Work Needs Better Management

Remote working is here to stay. This new book looks at why it has exploded, why it makes sense and the massive change in culture, behaviour and power dynamics it is spawning. At Home With Work highlights what the remote revolution means for organisations, managers and employees, the life-changing benefits and the sticky problems of WAH such as isolation. It practically considers how we behave working remotely and how work will be reinterpreted in our hybrid future. Nyla's new book At Home With Work opens the box on remote work and how to manage it.


Adding to the knowledge bank of info on how we behave. At Walking Pace is a fascinating read about how walking improves life. Digital Downsize looks at the pros and cons of being online and At Home with Work (COMING SOON) is an analysis of remote work, its management and a changing world.


Characteristically hard to define, Nyla is a mix of self-assured, confident debater and very private, keeps her cards close to her chest kinda person. Brought up and still living in Birmingham, England, there is no subject too obscure to evade her interest and nobody unworthy of attention. She’s an outdoors enthusiast, academic, pragmatist and freestyler. Her favorite things are busting myths with facts and coconut macaroons.

Books include non-fiction on the themes of wellbeing and psychology (Digital Downsize, At Walking Pace) and a number of works of fiction about outsiders. A growing interest in our changing working lives has led to a new portfolio of writing on this theme.

Nyla comments on a wide range of social and economic issues. She has a string of academic qualifications from top British universities, including in management and law, but sees herself very much as a intellectual freestyler. So What Do I Know? is a typically alternative perspective on the world of work and people and will hang around as long as people find it moderately passable.

Interesting observations and thought provoking conclusions. Says a lot about today's society and the way things could be heading for the younger generations

D. Finn

So What Do I Know? Is the quintessential must-have-more listen! Free-flowing, witty and actually very useful to hear what people do and what they think. Mind-opening!

Philip Hunt

The author’s academic and creative background is reflected in this well-researched book that is beautifully written and such a joy to read.. She puts forward a compelling case on the creative, psychological and physical benefits of walking that will inspire those who read this book to take up walking in order to improve their creativity, confidence and well-being.

E. Egan